113. The Power of the Over-Mind

Issue One Hundred and Thirteen, August 1971

Issue One Hundred and Thirteen, August 1971

“I can only say one phrase! One phrase that may may change all of human life! Beware the Over-mind!

113about copySUMMARY
Ben lies apparently dead in the street as Bruce Banner slinks away into the crowd. When Ben is taken back to the Baxter Building he is revived and apparently cured from his mood disorder — signified by his destruction of the machine that changed him into human form. He’s happy as he is and never wants to change back. The city is still mad at them and wants them disbanded. The Watcher appears and gives them a warning. The mayor calls for their arrest and they turn themselves in. It is revealed that the mayor is in the power of the Over-Mind.

113skinThis issue is a very damp squib. There’s nothing really inspired by it. Johnny is furious at Reed for being to late to do something unspecific to save him and the problem of Ben’s mood change which has been building for the last few issues is solved only incidentally. Insanely, Reed listens to his rocky chest but and later realizes that he wouldn’t be able to hear his heartbeat anyway. The Watcher dramatically appears and gives absolutely no helpful information at all. The only sensible thing the Fantastic Four does is to turn themselves in when they are wanted by the authorities.

There’s really nothing else to say.



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