114. Who Shall Stop the Over-Mind?

Issue One Hundred and Fourteen, Sept 1971

Issue One Hundred and Fourteen, Sept 1971

“Once you know the secret of the Over-Mind– you will know why— the universe is doomed!

114b copyThe Fantastic Four are forced to post bail. Leaving the courthouse, Reed uses his elongated hands to pilot their pogo plane to where they are. The Over-Mind is walking through New York, gathering information. He sees Reed’s arms and heads over to investigate. He fights with them until he feels he has learned enough and then causes them to forget about his existence. Returning to their headquarters, they find that the landlord is still trying to kick them out. Over-Mind returns to his ship and makes allusions to The Eternals. Back at the Baxter Building, Agatha Harkness enlists Johnny and Ben’s strength to contact The Watcher by occult means.

114b copybThis issue flows better than the last. It’s a little more conventional, but that’s what the title needs at the moment. For whatever reason, every storyline more than two issues long completely collapses, either fizzling out entirely, or just swept aside in a couple panels.

The cover-billed villain, Over-Mind, actually shows some depth by wandering the streets. And although his power is oppressive he uses it to learn from the native earthlings. Although he attacks the Fantastic Four, he does so for the same purpose and once he believes he has learned all he can, he leaves. These are fairly believable actions from an alien invader — much more so than simply announcing an invasion from a ship’s loudspeaker, which is the sort of thing we’ve seen here before.

Something that’s become an annoying trend is the lengthly recounting of previous issues, which in this issue runs to a couple pages. In fact, there’s been more air in the stories in general lately. Plots shift back and forth, necessitating many recaps, and many times an action panel is followed by multiple needless reaction shots, over which stating-the-obvious dialogue is stuck to justify them.


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