19. The Prisoners of the Pharaoh

Fantastic Four Issue Nineteen 19

Issue Nineteen, Oct. 1963

“Though you come from the distant future, I know all about you! And I also know that all your super-powers are no match for mine!”

The Fantastic Four break into Doctor Doom’s castle in order to use his time platform to travel to ancient Egypt because Reed thinks that the ancient Egyptians have discovered a cure for blindness and he wants to cure Alicia. They make it back and run afoul of the pharaoh Rama-Tut, who is in fact a time traveler who journeys in his time ship in the Sphinx. They are captured but manage to escape and find the radioactive sight-restoring serum which unfortunately does not travel with them when the time platform descends again.

Sadly, there’s not very much remarkable to say about this issue. Rama-Tut is, as the cover proclaims him, the Pharaoh from the Future. The FF cross his path when they decide to use Doctor Doom’s time platform to journey into Ancient Egypt with the improbably aim of recovering a “radioactive herb solution” to cure Alicia’s blindness.

Rama-Tut’s motivations for “destroying” the FF are pretty opaque. He does it almost reflexively, with no real aim.

There’s nothing bad in it, just not a lot of excitement, and both Lee and Kirby seem to be phoning it in. The beats are fairly predictable and serve just to tie pieces of FF standards together. Open with Ben and Alicia, have Sue get captured, showcase each FF member, have Reed explain why the bad guy got away. Kirby particularly disappoints in his depiction of Ancient Egypt. It would have been nice to see him really go to town on a few panoramic scenes, but it’s rather uninspired.

Fantastic Four Issue Nineteen 19

Even the panels look reused. Scroll down a couple posts to Issue 16.

And that’s about it.


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