36. The Frightful Four

Fantastic Four Issue Thirty-Six 36

Issue Thirty-Six

This issue has a couple notable firsts. The first first is that this is the first time that the Fantastic Four have fought a proper super-villain team, which is the Frightful Four. The second first is that this is the first appearance of Medusa, the Inhuman, here called “Madam Medusa”.

It’s a fairly straightforward story, and what makes it fun is the progression of the characters. First we start out with Reed and Sue announcing their engagement to a band of reporters and photographers. It’s nice to see them together, not just for them, but because it’s refreshing in a continuing series to see characters actually moving along a path rather than always returning to the status quo.

Fantastic Four Issue Thirty-Six 36

The FF and Alicia about to be killed with anti-gravity. Creative and visually compelling.

Fantastic Four Issue Thirty-Six 36The ladies also take a good amount of initiative, which is also refreshing. Alicia exerts no small amount of bravery in contacting Johnny Storm, and Sue manages to finish off the remainder of the Frightful Four. In fact, the resolution is almost all between Sue and Johnny, and, again, it’s refreshing. The FF work together so much all the time, or work alone to solve the traps that they’re in, that it’s fun when one or two of them take center stage to resolve the story without the others. It adds variety.


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