37. Behold a Distant Star

Fantastic Four Issue Thirty-Seven 37

Issue Thirty-Seven

This issue could have been great, but it its different parts aren’t fully realized. In fact, the whole story is reminiscent of the Planet X debacle from issue 4. It’s not very well through out.

The Fantastic Four decide rather spuriously to get revenge on the Skrull homeworld for killing Sue and Johnny’s father. The Skrulls have taken a turn away from the odd-looking reptilian creatures of their first few appearances, and now just seem to be green Flash Gordon counterparts. Kirby got rid of the ridges on the chins. How can you get rid of the ridges on the chins!? There is no shape-changing element in the opposition of the Skrulls to the FF, so the Skrulls are pretty interchangeable with any other alien race that has spaceships. Or the Atlanteans, if it comes to that.

Fantastic Four Issue Thirty-Seven 37There isn’t much remarkable to say about this issue. The only thing that buoys it up even slightly is that Reed actually does a rather clever fake-out with a power-amplifier towards the end. It’s mentioned that Ben, as a test-pilot, probably understands space flight more than any of them and that he’s just playing dumb, but then this is another instance of what’s wrong with some of these issues. It would be great to see this idea paid off. As it is, this story has just a few too many missed opportunities.


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