43. Lo! There Shall Be An Ending

Fantastic Four Issue Forty-Three 43

Issue Forty-Three

Sadly, the title brings more relief than drama, in this case. The last issue of this very prolonged storyline that brings no interesting developments or character revelations. Not every issue can be firing on all cylinders every time, but any one of the year’s previous stories that did not feature the Frightful Four could have produced a better setting or set-up for a three-issue story. The State University building from issue 35, the undersea kingdom from issue 33, the Skrull homeworld in issue 37, or even the Baxter Building from 39&40, or… that’s it. Because the Frightful Four have appeared in five of this year’s comics — or five out of eight since their first appearance.

So this issue is something of a bust. I imagine it was a rush job, and the creators can’t have been happy with it. The only upside is that we’re about to enter the most wildly imaginative run of unbridled creativity in comics history. And it starts next issue with the introduction of The Inhumans, one of whom we’ve seen already (five times).

Meantime, here’s a picture from this issue:Fantastic Four Issue Forty-Three 43 EVALUATION: 3/10

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