63. Blastaar, The Living Bomb-Burst

Fantastic Four Issue Sixty-Three

Issue Sixty-Three

There is nothing particularly inspiring or exciting about this issue, it’s just pretty much a slug-fest issue. Blastaar is an original enough villain, but nothing interesting is done with him. He has no real aims or objectives. He achieves nothing, and eventually he is defeated by a quite improbable hat that Reed has managed to whip up (apparently, it was the ‘last project’ he was working on).

Also, as was pointed out in the last issue, he speaks English. There’s actually no need for this. The issue would have worked just as well if Blastaar didn’t say a word, or was only able to mutter to himself in his own Negative Zone language. Not a single panel would have had to have been changed, and through thought balloons and narrative exposition we could be privy to the inner mind of a powerful but very lost individual, isolated in a world that he suddenly lusts to conquer. That would have been profound. That would have been interesting.

Fantastic Four Issue Sixty-ThreeInstead, we’re almost talked to death by the guy. In fact, by almost everyone in the issue; word balloons pile up on top of each other four or five high in each panel. But Blastaar is particularly chatty, and for some reason he’s suddenly got a whole lot of ideas about the ‘humans’. At one point he says of The Thing “No human could possess such power!” Why? What point of reference is he working from, considering that he’s only been in this world for five minutes?

Sandman still fails to convince as a top-league supervillain. Sexism is back again with Sue’s final comment “Forgive me — for — suddenly turning… feminine…!” That’s just inexcusable. The only really exciting part of this issue is seeing Triton heroically race up to the top of the Baxter Building and hold his own with Blastaar for a few moments until he is blitzed by the Sandman.Fantastic Four Issue Sixty-ThreeEVALUATION: 5/10

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