65. …From Beyond This Planet Earth

Fantastic Four issue 65

Issue Sixty-Five

The events of this issue carry directly on from the previous, and it also carries on the narrative device of the slow reveal, although it is up to the reader’s taste to decide if it is too slow. The only other Kree, alluded to by the Sentry in the last issue, that we see are the Supreme Intelligence and Ronan the Accuser.

And then that’s it. The next issue picks up with the short teaser involving Alicia and the Kree are not heard from again for some time. In the case of the Inhumans introductory story, the Fantastic Four were drawn into a mystery that continued for six months. In this case there is so much that is still alluded to by the Supreme Intelligence and Ronan that is simply not used.

Fantastic Four issue 65 Supreme IntelligenceWhich is a shame because the story itself needs something larger to pay it off. We only see The Intelligence fully in one panel, and Ronan is ultimately defeated on a technicality, beamed back to his ship as a fail-safe. What reason is there for him not to beam back with more reinforcements, and something other than his hammer? In fact, Ronan’s entire fight is rather unsatisfactory, being pretty much the same as that of last issue — a large, pompously powerful foe that is thwarted by the FF’s rugged determination.

There’s not much else to recommend it, except that the short scene with Alicia really is quite intriguing. Did the promise of this story override the cosmic saga which was fairly obviously planned at the start of this issue? The next issure should have shown fleets of invading Kree demanding restitution from the FF — but instead we get the start of one of the most quirky and defining tales of the mid-Lee/Kirby era.


Fantastic Four issue 65

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