68. His Mission: Destroy the Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four Issue Sixty-Eight 68

Issue Sixty-Eight

After the wackiness of the last few story-lines — the Negative Zone, the introduction of the Kree, the Beehive — it’s a nice change to get a more homebound adventure.

It would have been nice to have a little something different in the mix than the usual Ben griping/the Torch goofing around/Reed not-so-subtly deriding Sue in a sexist manner.

There are a few added nuances. We get to see Crystal throw her weight around after a guy who was trying to take her away from him. No one takes into account her feelings on the matter, so she makes them known and shows that her own powers are quite considerable. But contrast this with Sue’s designing a mini-skirt and Reed chasing her all over the apartment just to cheer Ben up — it’s odd.

Fantastic Four Issue Sixty-Eight 68The main interest, however, is with a mystery villain who has disguised himself as a specialist to aid Mr Fantastic in transforming Ben back to his human form. However, this intruder manages to transform Ben’s mind instead of his body, which is a very fresh dilemma to introduce. It’s all done very well. We suspect who the enemy might be, but we are given the barest information. Many of them would be capable of this plan, in fact many of them have already disguised themselves to gain egress into the Baxter Building, but we will have to wait until next issue to find out…


Fantastic Four Issue Sixty-Eight 68

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