76. Stranded in Sub-Atomica

Fantastic Four Issue Seventy-Six 76

Issue Seventy-Six

This issue is a little lumpy. Although Stan and Jack do a pretty good job of the slow build-up, it seems as though they’ve not been putting their all into this storyline. it flows well enough, but the structure’s just not there, as it was in the last Mad Thinker/ Killer Android storyline.

It’s kind of all over the place. The Fantastic Four (minus Sue, which goes without saying at this point) shrink to a microscopic level in order to enter sub-atomica (also called the micro world, at this point) and meet up with the Silver Surfer quite quickly. They fight, for no real reason, and then the Surfer just flies off.

Fantastic Four Issue Seventy-Six 76Psycho-Man makes an appearance long enough to send an ‘Indestructible’ after the intruders and then the FF run into that. They fight, of course, and then the robot disappears. Then the Surfer comes back. Then he leaves again. It’s not just that there’s a lack of closure, there’s a lack of meaning. The FF need to get the Surfer to join up as Galactus’ herald in order to save the human race, but they go about it ham-fistedly, with a total lack of conviction.

Fantastic Four Issue Seventy-Six 76

Reed so often tags back and/or uses gizmos, it's nice to see him finally pushed far enough to do something ridiculously heroic, much as Ben would.

Oh, and the ubiquitous lie-to-Sue-and-keep-her-locked-in-a-room scene is here, lest we forget.


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